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About Us


Orturoffice is an online retailer, we dedicate to providing customers with fun and practical tools to make life better.

We mainly provide 3D printers, laser engraving machines, and other tools. We provide the best technology and latest products at the best price and value.

We attract customers with the best products, serve customers with a sincere attitude, and bring value to customers in pursuit of a better life.


Love is the root of all creation.

We are a group of partners who love DIY and technology. We enjoy the fun of DIY, and we enjoy how new technology has improved our lives.

We are willing to share our fun and the latest tools and products with people who like DIY. So, our five partners created this website together.


We spent a long time to discover the best products and negotiate cooperation with the best brands, such as ORTUR, ANYCUBIC, etc. We are working directly with manufacturers to provide the best products at reasonable prices. We have the authorization of the brand.

We strictly require our suppliers to guarantee the quality of the products, because we believe that quality is the most important thing for any product.

We are located in mainland China and ship to the world. We cooperate with the best logistics providers, including YUN EXPRESS, DHL, BTD, etc., in order to deliver the goods to customers quickly.


Discover and create the latest products, the best technology, the most interesting tools, and share them with the world.

Orturoffice to make everything the best.