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39cm*27cm Ceramic Laser Paper For CNC Laser Engraving Machine Logo Mark Printer Cutter Accessories Carbon

Name:Laser paper 
Color:Black / Gray / Blue / Green / Brown / Green blue / Navy
Excellent adhesion,bright color,graphic clarity
Working Principle:
The laser acts on the ceramic laser paper covered by the ceramic, 
and through the thermal effect,the color penetrates into the mark of the laser mark,
so that the ceramic mark which is originally the natural color changes into the color 
of the ceramic laser paper, so that the mark on the ceramic is more obvious, clear and beautiful.
Easy to identify.Suitable for ceramic sanitary ware series manufacturers.
The ceramic colored paper is now cut to the size of the marking range and then soaked in water.
Then the ceramic colored paper is soaked and soaked, pick it up, and peel off the colored paper 
on the color, and paste it on the ceramic surface that needs laser marking.
After all the laser-colored paper is air-dried or the blower is dried,
remember that there must be no dry air bubbles, and then mark it with a fiber laser marking machine to color.
Do not engrave the color paper on the front side, otherwise the color paper will stick to each other, resulting in the use of the back.
Package include:
1 Pcs × Laser paper